Singer, songwriter & youth advocate

Za’Kiyyah Abdullah Whitfield born on February 14, 2000 is an American singer, songwriter, youth advocate, role model and a aspiring actress. Philadelphia born and raised, Za’Kiyyah is the youngest of her siblings and was given the nickname Za. Her music inspiration are Whitney Houston, Mary J. Blige and Chris Brown. Za grew up listening and watching these artist careers blossom and hope to have the same happen for her.

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Mema Movement

MEMA Movement is an organization Za’Kiyyah has Founed with her mother to inspire the youth to inform them how she overcame being  bullied  Za’Kyyah have created a foundation that combats bullying by bringing people together through music. The project is called the MEMA Movement. (Music Empowering Minds Anti-Bullying) Part of MEMA is to empower young Female to love themselves and stand up to bullying. In effort to bring awareness as well as to unify the MEMA Movement with her wristband and Tshirts  created.